“Your online customary fisheries management tool”

Why IkaNet?


IkaNet is an on-line customary fisheries management system that will help iwi to exercise their customary fishing rights.
IkaNet contains easy-to-use tools developed specifically for kaitiaki and iwi fisheries managers to provide for the harvest and supply of kaimoana for customary purposes and manage customary fishing.

For the first time, kaitiaki and iwi will have timely access to reliable harvesting information enabling them to better exercise kaitiakitanga over their mahinga kai and kaimoana resources.

Geo Mapping
Map local fishing grounds with a geographic information system.
Pataka Whata Tool
Use the pataka/whata tool to manage the harvest, storage and supply of kaimoana to marae and iwi members for hui and tangi.
Secure 24/7 Access
Conveniently access IkaNet from anywhere over the Internet 24/7. Restrict access to iwi information to authorised users only.
Reporting & Analysis
Create reports, analyse and display customary harvest information to kaitiaki, marae and iwi.
Fishing Permits
Create and issue e-fishing permits.
Digital Solutions
Take away the manual tasks of collecting and recording your fisheries data.
Work Collectively
Enable kaitiaki to work collectively in real time and manage fishing in a coordinated manner.
Peace of Mind
Ensure kaitiaki and iwi staff are supported with effective systems and tools to meet their legal obligations and management responsibilities.
Collate reliable harvest information over time to participate more effectively in fisheries management.
MPI Authorisation
Incorporate harvest information from kaitiaki issued under MPI authorisations


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Contact Te Ohu Kaimoana Ph: 04-931 9500 or email: ikanet@teohu.maori.nz
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Te Ohu Kai Moana Trust (Maori Fisheries Trust) is tasked to advance the interest of iwi individually and collectively, primarily in the development of fisheries, fishing , and fisheries – related activities ultimately for the benefit of all Maori.

We also have a role to further the agreements made in the Deed of Settlement; assist the Crown to discharge its obligations under the Deed and the Treaty of Waitangi; and help ensure that the settlement endures for future generations.


based in Tauranga, specialise in digital tools and technologies to progress and enhance the social and economic power of data for Māori

Waka Digital has developed innovative cloud based software aimed at understanding the current and future data needs of Iwi and are developing standards to help create the optimal data register system for Māori/ Iwi organisations.

Waka Digital have a leadership role in a number of major research projects around the country particularly Manaaki Taha Moana (www.mtm.ac.nz) and Oranga Tangata Oranga Taiao www.mtm.ac.nz which assist Maori entities enhance their expression of Kaitiakatanga through the development of co-management toolsets across New Zealand.